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tWHYlight tWHYlight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So true

This was funny, cute, and true. Twilight sucks. I loved that comment near the end about the book. I know my friends and I ruined Twilight for others by being obnoxious in the theatre (the usher didn't even care). I thought the same thing about Edward's lips and all that too.

I love your art style, by the way. :)

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The animation and the style. Kudos!

Twatlight Twatlight

Rated 4 / 5 stars


You waited until it was OVER to make fun of it? My friends and I made fun of it before it started.

Good video though. Wish that would've happened.

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My little Pony FiM quiz My little Pony FiM quiz

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I know that this is a WIP, so here's what I think would work best for it in it's final version:

1. Line up the question/answer slots in the same place every question. It's odd to have the answer squares moving all over the place from question to question.

2. Have it tell you if you got it right or wrong each question (it should go on anyway though). Alternatively, it should provide a score at the end and tell you which ones you got wrong.

3. At the end, depending on how much you got right/wrong, it can give you different images and friendship titles (like "True Friend" for all right or "to the moon!" for all wrong or something). It can also give you different pictures maybe?

4. Add little images of the ponies in there. It'll spruce it up a bit more.

5. Add some not-distracting but MLP related music. It should be softer since this is a quiz.

6. Fix the grammar. Have someone who's good at grammar/spelling beta read your Q&A before you finish this.

7. SFX. Maybe some noises that happen when you mouse over a button, click it, get it right or wrong..

8. Fix the color scheme. Make it more show-related.. a black BG seems out of place for this show. Maybe find a background from MLP, like of Ponyville, and use that?

It's a good idea, so good luck with this. If you need any help with questions, you can PM me and I'll give you some. :D

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Phantom Mansion- Blue Phantom Mansion- Blue

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Okay, I guess

@Coop83: There is a restart level button. O.o;;

Anywho, the game was fun, but I hated the potions. I mean, I liked the idea, but they were.. the wrong potions or something. They needed to wear off or something, but then there'd be pointless levels..

Student park Student park

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great! :)

Great job, I've never played Lemmings but now I kinda want to. The only problem with this is the lack of save button. :/ Everytime I wanna start a new level, I hafta go through about 10 levels until I can get to it, and by then, I don't wanna do it anymore.